Head Start School Nurse

Job Description

Purpose: Works as an integral part of the Child Health and Safety team to assure that Head Start Performance
Standards are met in providing health care services to Head Start children and their families and providing direction to staff.

Minimum of LPN certification or an Associate’s degree or Bachelor’s degree in nursing, All day light hours, Monday-Friday. 

Duties may include any or all of the following. This list is intended to be representative.
01. Develops and implements wellness services for all HS/EHS staff and families.
02. Tracks and reviews the collected Confidential Employee Health Assessment Form for HS/EHS staff to assure forms are appropriately documented.
03. Serves as a liaison to community health and safety programs, and participates in local, state, and national school-health conferences and organizations to ensure programs/referrals are complementary and effective for children, families and staff.
04. Administers and oversees the maintaining of written and computerized health records, including but not limited to current physical, dental, and immunization records, lead, and hemoglobin test values, Health and Nutrition Checklist, and insurance information for each enrolled participant to ensure information is up-to-date and accurate for follow-up.
05. Assists in the coordination of and transportation to appointments for medical visits.
06. Develops and implements staff and/or parent trainings on health, safety and nutrition.
07. Provides direction to staff in the development of Individual Care Plan for every child in program who has an identified health concern. Assures care plans are updated and informs all members of the child’s care team of any changes enacted by Health.
08. Coordinates and actively participates in case management meetings and promotes communication between members of the child’s care team to ensure timely delivery of and appropriate intervention and support for children and families.
09. Educates and conducts sessions for staff and families in understanding the roles that health and nutrition play in individual development and family life.
10. Assists in assessing the health and nutritional status of children and their families from available health records and dietary histories.
11. Assists Child Health and Safety Manager in determining appropriate health services and treatment.
12. Provides first aid treatment as needed and within the limits of professional training.
13. Assists in completing and/or reviewing initial paperwork for Head Start children and families.
14. Performs related work as required or requested.

Every employee of the Private Industry Council of Westmoreland/Fayette, Inc. is an ambassador that influences the public’s impression of our organization. As such, every employee is expected to demonstrate the following attributes: Commitment, Enthusiasm, Flexibility, Positive Attitude, Proactive Approach, and Teamwork.